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Sounds of Silence
Domestic Import AMC
John Tucker Must Die Sony
C'est pas moi... c'est l'autre! Screenpeople
I-Spy Columbia
2001 - A Space Travesty Helkon/ Columbia Tristar
Charlie's Ghost Story Crystal Sky
Sunset Grill New Line
Mortal Passions Crawford/Lane Productions
Vice Versa Columbia
State Park ITC
Jake Speed New World
Dreamchild EMI
Water HandMade Films
Bullshot HandMade Films (Lead Role)
Stoogemania Workman Productions
Escape From New York Avco/Embassy
The Incredible Shrinking Woman Universal

Starland P.C.
Adam Sholder, Vanessa Lapato (Pilot)
Marco Polo Hallmark
Blackbeard Hallmark
Murder Without Conviction (Christine Bennett Mystery) Hallmark
A Boyfriend for Christmas Hallmark
Just Desserts Hallmark
Santa Jr. Hallmark
In The Beginning NBC - Miniseries
Tracey Takes On... Obsession HBO
Mother Teresa - In The Name of God's Poor Family Channel
Apocalypse Watch ABC Miniseries
Murphy Brown - Fearless Frank
Warner Bros TV
Liz: The Elizabeth Taylor Story NBC Miniseries
Frasier Paramount
The Old Curiosity Shop Disney Channel
The Secretary CBS (MOW)
Shadow of Obsession NBC (MOW)
Jack Reed: Badge of Honor NBC (MOW)
Black Fox Trilogy: Good Men and Bad CBS (MOW)
Age of Treason CBS - 2hr. Pilot
Diana - Her True Story NBC Miniseries
Westbeach BBC/Witzend - Guest Star
The Water Engine TNT (MOW)
Bad Attitudes Fox (MOW)
True Colors Fox Network
Mysteries of the Dark Jungle Gemini /Tangram/RAI-6hr.Miniseries
Hollywood Detective USA Network
Night Court Warner Bros. TV
Star Trek: The Next Generation - Elementary Dear Data
Paramount/Guest Star
The Bretts Central TV
What Price Victory MOW
Mog Central TV (Series Regular)
Fridays ABC
Master of the Game CBS Miniseries
Wizards and Warriors Warner Bros. TV
Footlight Frenzy Showtime
The Low Moan Spectacular ABC Late Night Special
Bullshot Crummond Showtime
El Grande de Coca-Cola HBO

Short Films, Internet & Industrials
India Dupré
Son of a Barman Bennett Lasseter (AFI)
The Story Beyond the Still (Final Chapter) Vincent LaForet
Deaf Boys Harry Shearer
The Death of Salvador Dali Delaney Bishop
Staying in Service Shoebox Productions
Too Short Toulouse Star Group (also on HBO)
Too Much Oregano
Star Group (also on HBO) (Winner, Cannes 1983 - Best Short)

The Merry Wives of Windsor (Reading) Antaeus - Los Angeles
Henceforward Mark Taper Forum - Los Angeles
The Scandalous Adventures of Sir Toby Trollope San Diego Repertory Theatre
Spokesong Pasadena Playhouse
Scapino Santa Cruz
Footlight Frenzy Los Angeles, San Francisco
Bullshot Crummond London, New York, Los Angeles etc.
El Grande de Coca-Cola London, New York, Los Angeles etc.

Miscellaneous Skills
Acrobatics, Mime, Stage Fighting, Improvisation, Stunts, Movement, Clowning, Piano
Languages: English (All accents), French, German, Spanish