Alan Shearman – Writer

Screenwriter, Playwright, Composer/Arranger

WGA, Dramatists Guild of America, ASCAP


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2005/6Otis – Lost and FoundIn development
2005Fiasco NevadaIn development
20002001 – A Space TravestyHelkon / ColumbiaTristar
1998Lapitch The Little Shoemaker (Eng. Adaptation)Sony Pictures
1990The Shrimp on the BarbieUnity Pictures
1986The Emperor’s New ClothesCannon Films
1983BullshotHandMade Films
1980Clank’s Caravan (Script Development)Walt Disney
1979Little Annie Fanny (Script Development)Paramount Pictures

TV Miniseries & Specials

1997The Seventh ScrollEurolux (Italy)
1996Apocalypse WatchABC-TV
1990The Steam Elephant (6 hrs.)Gemini Film (Italy)
1989Mysteries of the Dark Jungle (6 hrs)RAI 1 / TF1 /RF / ZDF / TVE
1982Footlight FrenzyShowtime
1979The Low Moan SpectacularABC-TV
1979Bullshot CrummondShowtime
1978El Grande de Coca-ColaHBO

TV Pilots and Episodic

1991Spiff & Hercules (Eng. Adaptation)DIC Entertainment
1991Cristina – Cri Cri (Eng. Adaptation)DIC Entertainment
1985A Fête Worse. . . (Mog Series)Central TV (UK)
1979My Spies (Script Development)Fox / CBS-TV
1979Golden Galaxy of Stars (Script Development)CBS-TV

Short Films / Industrials / Interactive / Internet

2001Miscellaneous e-ClipsBig Red Tent Productions
1994Bod Inc. – CD-ROM interactiveViridis
1993Jack Sizzyfuss – CD-ROM InteractiveViridis / Fiddler’s Bay
1992Forty-Nine UpShoebox Prods. (UK)
1992No Particular PracticeShoebox Prods. (UK)
1991Chromakey Theatre (EPCOT)Disney Imagineering
1991The Pneumonic NumismatistFusion Prods. (UK)
1988Staying in ServiceShoebox Prods. (UK)
1984Too Short ToulouseHBO (Star Group)


2015El Grande CIRCUS de Coca-ColaLos Angeles
2014Bullshot Crummond: The Evil Eye of Jabar and The Invisible
Bride of Death
Portland, Oregon / Denton TX
1988The Scandalous Adventures of Sir Toby TrollopeSan Diego / Seattle / Vancouver BC
1981Footlight FrenzySan Francisco / L.A.
1974Bullshot CrummondNew York – Off Broadway / San Francisco / Los Angeles
1973El Grande de Coca-ColaNew York – Broadway / Off Broadway / San Francisco / Los Angeles

All produced plays published by Concord Theatricals Samuel French.

All original stageplay musical compositions and arrangements published by Chock Full O’Notes, under ASCAP affiliation.